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No Obligations. Completely FREE 30 Minute Strategy Call specific for you and your business!

Bill KonVES

Marketing Agency Owner

"As always, an excellent job. Always giving advice, providing all the data that is required, making good decisions on spending. You can't go wrong. I'll be using again."

James Rogers

Certified Google Partner

What You’ll Get During This Free Strategy Call

During the strategy call, the goal is to determine what your objective will be to increase your business. Is it online sales or lead generation, for example?

From there I will recommend a best strategy, in detail. You can take this info and implement this strategy yourself or we can further discuss working together. The choice is yours.

No obligations. Simply sign up for a Free 30 minute Strategy Call and get a free strategy from a certified Vancouver based digital marketing agency! 

Before the Call

I will look at your website, analyze your brand, product and/or service and check out your social media so that I have a basic understanding of your company.

During the Call

During the call you can fill in the blanks for me so that I properly understand your business. Then I will recommend you a marketing strategy, for free!

After the Call

You can take the strategy I give you for free. No obligations. If you decide you would like to work with me to help implement this strategy we can talk further about this.

About James Rogers

Certified with Microsoft and Google, James is an expert in paid digital advertising. James has experience managing budgets north of 1 million dollars a year in a variety of industries from B2C, B2B, eCommerce and more. James is highly conversion focused so if you are looking to increase your business and take things to the next level, book your call with James today!

Why They Recommend Having a Free Strategy Call

Here you’ll see what some clients have to say about PPC Marketing Solutions, a top rated digital marketing agency, and this Free Strategy Call Offer. Don't miss out, connect with us today!

Jeff voudrie

Financial Advisor

The staff at PPC are very friendly and generous with time. Extremely good experience! Highly recommended. I really appreciated all the hard work.

Bill railian


Free advice is always welcome, whether you use it or not. I did implement most of the recommended strategies with great success! I highly recommend this marketing agency.

Bill Konves

Marketing Agency Owner

It was great to connect with James and discuss strategies. We bounced around concepts and ideas that worked well for my clients.

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