July 12


The Proper Way To Build A Website

By PPC Marketing Solutions

July 12, 2020

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There are two situations you may be in as a business owner. 

  1. You have little or no budget and don't know where to start
  2. You have a budget and not sure who you should hire to build your website

Regardless of which position you are in there are few things you should understand before moving forward.

Where to start?

You need to understand what the objective of your website will be. Likely, you want to get leads from your website to close sales or you want to make sales from your webiste, eCommerce. 

Many companies you find will impress you with fancy looking websites. You know, those sites that impress your friends, your family or anyone you show off your website to. Now, don't get us wrong. It is great to impress people with your business and all things related. However, it is imperative to understand the objective of your website. It is imperative your site is 'CONVERSION FOUSED'. Do you want to get leads? You know, those people who contact you for more info, where you can close them over the phone or by email for example! Maybe you just want to sell things on your site. These things would be conversions. Your website should be built and optimized for capturing your conversions first, then make it look nice and easy to navigate. 

We focus on building conversion focused websites at PPC Marketing Solutions. Don't get me me wrong, we will make your site look good and make it easy to navigate. That is an important factor for any website. BUT ... yes, BUT ... you really should understand the objective and function of your site. Your main focus is most likley to get more business. If not, stop reading now and leave this site and head back to Google and find another site, maybe!? haha. 

If you want more business, pay attention. Coversion focused is what you want. First and foremost you want your site to collect leads, emails, generate sale or whatever you objective may be. Each business is unique and PPC Marketing Solutions works with you to figure this out. 

Step 1

Working with PPC Marketing Solutions brings you the best of all worlds, not both worlds. We offer you hosting solutions that are scalable to your business, we offer you conversion focused website design and we offer you certified professional marketing servies. We understand that your needs are better served dealing with one company that understands how to host your site, build your site and market your site. There is nothing worse than having to hire one company for marketing, one for hosting and one for web design. This only raises your costs when the marketing guy has to email the web guy to make a change and then the web guy has to contact the hosting guy to update something. This not only costs more money for you, it takes soooooo much more time to complete. 

Step 2

Once you hire us, or any other company that does what we do you will have the backend functionality to promote your website and review all the data available to make SMART decisions moving forward. Like the old saying goes "For every dollar I spend on marketing, 50 cents is wasted. If I only knew what 50 cents". WELL ... we can tell you what 50 cents is wasted!

Step 3

Once your site is built and all back-end functionality is in place we can help you run your marketing campaigns. We offer fully managed service and consulting services should you wish to manage your own campaigns but still require the professional help on an as needed basis for those moments you are not sure what to do.


Once you know what your websites objective is, where you want to host your website and what marketing campaigns you are interested in running then you are ready to move forward. You can do this with one company, like PPC Marketing Solutions. Whatever your comfort level is, you can make this happen. Just realize that no matter how great your website is or how great your marketing campaigns are, if you can't close a sale, if your social proof is negative or people simply aren't interested in your products because of high competition there is nothing a digital marketing expert can do to help you. Don't get fooled into believing there is a magical 'button' that us marketing experts know of. It is simply a lie. 

If you would like to know more or have us learn more about your business and your needs. Contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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