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Power Up Your Online Marketing

By PPC Marketing Solutions

February 19, 2021

Businesses worldwide are headed directly towards eCommerce. All the well-known brands are moving online. We are watching the end of high street shopping as we know it. It is now harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. The parameters of marketing online are often intangible and change like the tides dependent on the whims and needs of the internet tycoons. We are here to show you how to power up your online marketing with methods that should work no matter what the algorithms say.

Research Your Product

If you do not know your product inside and out, then your customers are unlikely to be impressed. Being able to answer all questions asked below an advert quickly and effectively is a great way of advertising. It promotes a positive relationship with the prospective customer and makes them feel good to have been interacted with.

Take one of your products and use it for yourself. Hold it and get a feel for it. Use it for its intended purpose and have some fun with it. This is how advertisers react in the big leagues, so why shouldn’t you? Write how you feel about it and if you think it is honestly a product you would buy.

Research what people are already saying about it or items similar to it on other sites. See how it has been advertised previously and check out their pricing too.

Be Ethical

Now, more than ever, it is important to be ethical. How can people possibly put trust into your business if you are selling items that have had a negative impact on the world. Clothes made in sweatshops are giving way to more expensive ones made with Fairtrade. Coffee, tea, chocolate and coconut business are all striving to get with the times and promote themselves as ethical.

Going to a wholesaler that sources products cheaply can be tempting but think about your image. How do you expect people to feel if they find out your products have been created from suffering?

There are a lot of niche areas when it comes to ethics and products. Try and get involved, do your research and get a badge or emblem showing customers where you source your stock and that it was from a safe place.

Be Professional

Always uphold a professional image. Have a business blueprint and stick to it. Create a name that attracts people and use repetitive colours in your advertising and branding. Get a logo that fits with your business, click here for more information. Use that logo in all of your advertisements and cross over onto your blogs, socials, and product packaging.

The more you advertise your logo, the better. People will learn to recognize you by that emblem. You might find it is the best source of advertising.

Advertise in the Right Circles

There are always new ways to reach your target audience. Research new ways every few months as they come up. Socials are now focusing much more on developing their target advertising programs, and more older people are using eCommerce than ever before. 

Watch out that you don’t get left behind, advertising for what was once your whole demographic, only to find you could now be reaching much further.

Be sure that you stick with the trends when advertising online. However, don’t forget the basics and the psychological aspect. As advertising gets more complex and targeted ads filter through our audience for us, it is crucial we do not forget the foundations that our advertising forefathers layout for us.

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