Conversion Focused Websites

The most important thing your website should do is generate sales and/ore leads, simple right?

Well, many web developers get this wrong. They often focus on fancy looking sites and offer a wide variety of platforms to build on. At PPC Marketing Solutions we will build a great looking website on a popular and stable platform (WordPress) with the main focus on converting your website visitors into leads and sales. 

We call this 'conversion focused'

Platform WordPress

We build all of our websites with WordPress

WordPress is a leading platform for websites, including eCommerce. We specialize in mastering one platform over tinkering with multiple platforms or outsourcing your project with other companies and simply marking up your costs. You work with us, we are not middle people like many companies are when you really get down to it. 

Thrive Themes Conversion Software

Thrive Themes is the #1 Conversion Focused Software

We use a variety of Thrive products, depending on your needs, to help us build out your website, lead generation, email automation APIs and CTAs. A Thrive license is included in the cost of our web design fees. Licenses last the life of your website and include free unlimited updates.

Tracking Metrics

It is imperative that you know what your traffic is doing.

When we build your website we will help you create the accounts necessary to monitor your website traffic that give you all the data needed to make smart marketing decisions moving forward. We will take care of the heavy lifting and make sure all codes are installed, linked and firing. You can focus on your business, we have you convered!

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